Tips for telehealth

At RMV Psychology, we offer consultations online via the secure Halaxy platform, or over the phone.

For both methods, it’s important for you to have a private and safe place without distractions to make the most of our appointment.

We encourage you to treat the session like it’s a face-to-face session. Make sure you are dressed appropriately (oodies are fine, your latest swimsuit – not so much).

Here are some tips for our online consultations:

  1. Test technology in advance. You will need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for a telehealth visit and steady connection to the internet to stream video. Make sure that your camera, microphone and speakers are working.
  2. Set the scene. Being able to have a clear conversation with your provider about your health is important. Select a place that is private, safe and away from distractions, so you and your provider can consult as you would in an exam room. Some examples include your quiet bedroom or your parked car. Avoid using crowded places, and don’t multi-task while you’re on your visit (e.g., riding a bike, walking to class, etc.)
  3. Get a room with a view. Along with testing your equipment and Wi-Fi, make sure your setting is ideal for video. Choose a well-lit space and avoid sitting with your back to a window as that can darken your image.
  4. It’s okay for it to feel weird at first. Most people aren’t used to online consultations, and like trying anything new, it might feel a little awkward at first.
  5. Be ready for tech difficulties. Problems happen, especially when it comes to computers and technology. We ask you to keep your phone nearby so we can call you to continue the session if we lose connection. If this happens, it’s a great opportunity to practice acceptance and problem-solving.